Blockchain Marketing

Stop thinking about how you can market your coin or blockchain business. With Blockchain Help, we can offer you the complete support you need for your business plans and ideas. Our dedicated marketing team is equipped to help you at any time.

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ICO – The New Era of Crowdfunding Tool

ICO also called as Initial Coin Offerings are similar to crowdfunding and it has totally revolutionised the conventional funding systems such as Venture Capital and IPOs, among other things along with blockchain technology. ICO marketing aids you to distribute the business goals and acquire the desired traction before your coin launch. ICOs are more famous after medium to increase funds by various startups and small-scale players instead of using conventional media.

Top Crypto Marketing Company

Are you seeking for the top ICO marketing company in Copenhagen to promote your ICO business across the globe? Worry no more because you are in the perfect place! Business Help is the top ICO marketing organisation in Copenhagen. Numerous ICO business owners throughout the industry trust us. Our committed ICO marketing team can study the current ICO market trends, and they can create the most appropriate ICO marketing strategy for you at the same time. We ensure that it works well and offers the best outcomes for your business. Our remarkable digital marketing experts will devise the best marketing strategies for your ICO business ideas. What’s more, we can understand any type of ICO business models, allowing us to construct several digital marketing techniques to accomplish your business goals in this highly competitive cryptocurrency market.

Team Up With Our Committed ICO Marketing Crew

Blockchain Help’s digital marketing team has 13 years of experience across different business sectors, and they have massive knowledge about the crypto industry as well. With our committed and superior marketing team, you can raise your ICO business at a time you couldn’t ever imagine. Our company has the most committed marketing team who will help you develop your ICO business along with innovative digital marketing as well as SEO methods. Our innovative blockchain technology experts authorise us to modify the top ICO marketing solutions and services for your crypto journey. What’s more, the focus of our reliable marketing team is to present the best ICO marketing service by doing exclusive marketing methods, which achieve more number of audiences.

Why Blockchain Help ?

Social Media Marketing

Our ICO social media marketing service helps you to construct unique marketing campaigns in various top media channels such as Google+, Tumbler, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so much more.

Telegram Community Development

We will target and engage along with your possible ICO investors through effective Telegram Community Development. Telegram will be your audience’s official community.

Image Sharing & Blogging

Writing information and helpful blogs, posting images and publishing it to different cryptocurrency sites will allow you to accomplish an excellent engagement in your ICO. Blockchain Help will also assist you in this matter.

Press Release

PR campaigns are a set of actions developed ahead of time to relate to a particular goal. You see, a press release campaign focuses on achieving a single goal – PUBLICITY. Having a good PR campaign will establish awareness about your brand, product or service.

Content Writing

Our creative content marketing professionals and wonderful content writers will create 100% unique content marketing techniques, which will make your business more popular among your audience.

Bitcoin Talk

We will promote your coin or service on our official btctalk accounts, reddit accounts and medium accounts. We have 1000s of crypto enthuastics and investors who have subscribed to our social media channel. We will also make use of Btc talk threads to promote your coin.

Landing Page

Pre-ICO offers investors to purchase tokens before the official crowd safe. Normally, it generates a less amount of money because they present tokens at a very low price. The accomplishment of a pre-ICO is known as one of the measures of general confidence the investor community has within the project.

ICO Listings

Blockchain Help’s ICO listing service not just list your own ICO in the crypto aggregator marketplaces. We also create a group of directory listings on leading ICO listing sites that can boost the flow of your website user.

Initial Coin Offering Marketing and Promotions

Event Management

With post-event releases and press release, you can educate your audience about your products, service and even your company as well. Copywriting of information materials will surely help your organisation publicise its own products, establish brands and outreach marketing campaigns.

Product Research

Blockchain Help has provided our quality in our services, and with our wide knowledge and research of ICO, we can craft attractive landing pages, which will impress your investors, allowing you to follow more to invest in your tokens.

24X7 Support

Blockchain Help has a 24/7customer support system. That means we have the team who can help you out along with your ICO marketing services, anywhere and anytime of the day. Further, we have a group of committed strategy deriving experts who can develop the most outstanding marketing methods to make your ICO flourishing.

Wide Range of Services

Blockchain Help offers a wide array of ICO Marketing services, helping you to boost your ICO business in the highly competitive digital realm.

Professional Team of Experts

Our team won’t work on a project if we do not feel avid about or what we do not believe in, whatever amount of money is at stake. If we assessed your ICO and made the decision to send you a proposal, it is because we wish to see you flourish and we will do whatever it takes to make it a reality. At Blockchain Help, we are not just a company. We are your strategic partner. Our goal is to see you flourish online, whether it’s through marketing, design, or development. The satisfaction of our clients is always our number one goal. Let us know today all about your requirements. We will get back to you immediately. What’s more, we make sure that all the information we get will remain 100% confidential and secure at all times.


We will promote your white paper among 1000s of qualified investors to spread marketing awarness.

Target Investors Filteration

We will filter and create list of target investors through linkedin and telegram.

Marketing Campaign

Once we have filtered the target market we will run campaigns so they will join our community.

Why ICO is best to raise funds?

One of the most popular terms in the blockchain industry is Initial Public Offering (ICO), which is analogous to the conventional business Initial Public Offering (IPO). The major difference is that the latter is more dependent on venture capitalists for it to kick-off while in the case of ICO, anybody can sponsor ― the only requirement is for them to own a cryptocurrency. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an innovative and unique form of blockchain-based financing mechanism, which involves the issuance of a start-up stake (token) on a blockchain in exchange for investors cryptocurrencies. The component of the transaction is handled by blockchain protocols known as smart contracts. A smart contract is automated to execute a transaction based on the set criteria agreed by any two parties involved in a transaction.

Roadmap To Success

There are also many successful ICOs that has generated great ROIs for investors such as Ethereum ICO in 2014 which raised $18 million within 42 days. As at the time of launching, the token was priced at $0.43 but as at 16th of January, 2018, it worth $1,019.89 ― more than 237,083%.

Coin Development

We will develop your own coin based on your requirement. we will create coin, explorer, exchange, algorithms and wallets. We will make a secure and perfect coin for the project.

White Paper and Launch

We will create white paper and create a website for Initial coin Offering. We will develop landing pages and schedule launch. Our first step of marketing will start with airdrops.

Promotions (White Paper)

After development of coin we will start with promotions and promote your coin to crypto community on platforms like btc talk and reddit. We will write threads and start promotions.

Community Development

We will filter target investors and develop the telegram community. Lets say if we have 10000 highly investors in 1 week we can easily raise about 100000$ if every member invests just 10$. So our major focus of marketing and promotions is community development.