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Diverse industries like real estate, banking, and healthcare continue to embrace the advantages of blockchain technology. So, Blockchain Help made its cutting edge technology advancement to be one of the major priorities. Blockchain Help offers the most comprehensive blockchain development services. These services are specially designed for blockchain protocols, platforms, and permissioned ledgers. Each of our solutions helps preserve digital information securely and in an auditable way, allowing for a fast and secure transfer of business assets.

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Blockchain Help, a blockchain service provider, provides our clients with a comprehensive view of the potential business implications of blockchain-based solutions. We are equipped with a team of specialists along with our clients, helping them create small techniques considering efficient implementation and investment. Since our launch, we have been offering advanced technology solutions and comprehensive domain expertise in blockchain development, cryptocurrency development, ICO launches, and Bitcoins too! One thing that makes us unique is that we are geared with experienced and professional team of genius.

New Coin Development

Do you look around the market place and feel that you’re not enamoured by any of the existing coins? Have you decided to jump on to the cryptocurrency creation bandwagon? Do you need technical expertise to create your own cryptocurrency or alt coins (alternate coins)? Don’t worry! Let our team of skilled professionals help you. Whether you want to build from scratch or create fork coins, Blockchain Support is your expert technology partner! Our technical specialists have 10+ years of programming experience, and can create and customise cryptocurrency with the features that you want included. Call our experts today!

Blockchain Solutions

We made the decision to sculpt its niche in the field of blockchain app development by using some of the bespoke decentralised blockchain applications as well as infrastructure support. Do you prefer to fast forward your business to race ahead of your competitors? Do you wish to establish a transparent, secure and fast identity for your business? There’s no need to worry. Blockchain Help is always here to help you. We can help you seek the ideal blockchain technology solutions for your needs. Whatever industry you are – insurance, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, real estate or finance – we are the solution provider, which applies blockchain technology. Our professional team of experienced experts and developers will examine, assess and present the best solutions to position blockchain technology applications for organisations, enterprises and individuals securely, efficiently and quickly.

Coin Development

Allow safe and quick exchange platform on your site. Enable your users to utilise their own crypto coin. Our cryptocurrency comes along with your own multi-currency wallet, so your users aren’t bound to one currency. Blockchain Help offers coin development services for our clients in a wide array of industry like casino, games, entertainment, real estate, finance, and so much more. Our team can develop a cryptocurrency fill along with the latest features based on the platform Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin or based on your requirements. We provide innovative cryptocurrency development services, which meet your needs. What’s more, our reliable developers can help you in creating services connected to cryptocurrencies like wallet, exchange or payment gateway.

Explorer Development

Block Explorer is considered the blockchain browser, offering comprehensive information on cryptocurrency transactions and blocks. This will enable your users to organise their cryptocurrencies via online wallets. It also offers the service for the searching transaction through addresses, and it receives inclusive information about the address. Our technical experts with a wide range of blockchain and programming experience will create superior block explorers for you, offering you updated information on addresses, blocks and several transactions. You get the chance to personalise the block explorer to show the size of the current block, several transactions, and heights and to know who mined it.


Blockchain users can maintain and control the extent of their personal data exposed and this does not prevent them from identifying each other through the used pseudonyms.


The blockchain technical infrastructure provides better security compared to conventional financial systems software.Immutability and Transparency Transactions records in blockchain are unalterable. They are written and stored permanently.

Mining Pools Development

We understand that your own mining pool needs comprehensive experience within system administration. It also obliges you to have a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies, skills to locate and fix problems faster to lower downtime, not to mention it’s costly as well. Blockchain Help will help you develop your own mining pool for cryptocurrency. If you are seeking to create an end-to-end blockchain process that involves different nodes and layers, let our experts help. Our mining portal development services will guide you determine a point-to-point access, letting you to safeguard and verify every step in the blockchain. Moreover, the transactions will always be tracked on public ledgers. The good thing about having your own mining pool is that it comes with complete accessibility to every public ledger.

Blockchain Help Team

Here at Blockchain Help, we always strive to offer the best customer services to our clients. You can rest assured that when you hire us, you’ll get flawless results right for the first time. Looking for a blockchain development service in Copenhagen with long years of experience in the industry? Blockchain Help is the name you can count on. Talk to our blockchain professionals today. We will help you on how to innovate your own business with blockchain. Our company offers the best block explorer development along with the best team of cryptocurrency developers in Copenhagen. We will provide responder as quick as possible to your concerns.

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